Monkeys Must Fight

Killing and torturing is a core human attribute. I believe it is well proven that given the right mix of opportunity and permission, human beings are quite content to hurt, maim and kill each other and any other creatures they can lay hands on.

I’m not sure why the killing instinct is more often expressed in men than women. Is this just a reflection that most human societies give more opportunities to men to kill? Or are women in fact more interested in other, less physical forms of torture? Or perhaps less violent in general? Not being a woman I cannot offer too much insight here. But let’s assume that men are in fact more interested in killing, actually much more interested, and on a large scale.

I wonder when women will realize that virtually all violence, war and destruction is caused by men, and get rid of us. If I were a woman this would be my first port of call on the path to a better future. Perhaps their less violent nature prevents women from seeing the elimination of the male gender as a viable solution. I can think of a number of creative ways to rid the earth of men. And to keep the male gender from ever rising again. This is the 21st century after all! The tools are there, women just need the willpower to kick the man habit.

There are consequences when men are allowed to be violent without restriction (war), and there are consequences when men are not allowed to be violent (most of the time). Our thwarted violent tendencies express themselves all over the place. I have a theory that the political divide in America is not caused by rich vs poor, rural vs urban, conservative vs liberal, but by men expressing their need for violence in different ways.

I won’t list them here, but I am pretty sure most of my hobbies stem at least partially from a need to be violent in the ways society currently allows.

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